Inset: the victims from the building collapse in Playa de Palma: Mariana Syll, who worked as a waitress, and Abdoulaye Diop, who worked as the doorman. | MDB Digital


Palma town hall technicians are understood to have confirmed that the roof terrace at the Medusa Beach Club in Playa de Palma did not have a licence. It was 'non-trafficable' - there shouldn't have been people on it - and therefore illegal.

The ground floor, where the restaurant was located, and the basement for the Coco Rico club did have licences. All focus is therefore on the terrace, access to which was from the back of the premises.

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A complete report by the town hall is pending results of laboratory tests on debris taken from the site. These will assess the resistance of materials.

The National Police and a court of instruction in Palma will act on the town hall's findings and so it is expected that the owners will formally be placed under investigation ('imputed') or possibly arrested.

Four people lost their lives on Thursday last week when the terrace collapsed. Eventual charges are likely to include four counts of manslaughter.