On the second occasion, Calvia police had arrived. | Michel's


On Tuesday, a court in Palma sentenced a British tourist to pay a fine of 480 euros for having caused damage to two hotel rooms in Magalluf last summer.

At 7.20am on July 28, he was in room 411 of his hotel. He climbed across to the balcony of 412 and smashed the glass door to the room. He then left the hotel.

At 8.45pm on the same day, he tried to get into his room - 216 - but the hotel had blocked his access. He managed to get into 217, climbed over to the balcony and again smashed the glass door. On this occasion, he encountered officers from the Calvia police force. He became aggressive and kept shouting "fuck you" at the officers.

He paid the estimated cost of the damage - 1,600 euros - but still faced criminal proceedings. At the hearing via videoconference on Tuesday, he pleaded guilty to causing damage and to resistance to authority.