This year has been a record-breaking year for the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) speed cameras. In 2023, they added five new cameras, and the most active speed camera in Mallorca, located at kilometre 16 of the Ma-13 (the motorway from Palma to Alcudia), has seen a threefold increase in infractions, rising from 749 to 2,223 in just four months. To help you avoid the fine, this article highlights the current locations and types of speed cameras in Mallorca.

In Mallorca, there are a total of 37 speed cameras: 14 fixed cameras, which remain in specific locations, and 23 mobile cameras, typically located inside Civil Guard cars and moved according to specific road conditions. The Ma-13 motorway has the most speed cameras, with three fixed and two mobile units (including the Ma-13A). Notably, this stretch is home to the speed camera with the highest number of fines in Mallorca, totaling 2,223.

In addition to the fixed radars shown on the map, there are another 23 mobile radars distributed throughout Mallorca: one on the Ma-10, Ma-1015, Ma-12, Ma-13, Ma-13A, Ma-14, Ma-19, Ma-19A, Ma-3011, Ma-3433, Ma-4020, Ma-4023, Ma-5020, Ma-6012, Ma-6014, Ma-6015, and finally two on the Ma-11.