The building occupied by the Algerians has been boarded up. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


Xisca Lascolas, the mayor of Llucmajor, said on Thursday that young Algerians involved in the serious confrontation on Wednesday night had left Arenal.

The chief of Llucmajor Police, Sergi Torrandell, explained that the building occupied by the Algerian men had been boarded up to prevent access on public safety grounds and because of the risk of a collapse like that of the Medusa Beach Club.

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The police and town hall had agreed to the Arenal gypsy community call for the building to be boarded up first thing on Thursday. This was an agreement that helped to calm tensions on Wednesday night. A team from the town hall arrived at 8.20am.

Torrandell added that it had not been confirmed that the people who were squatting in the building were ones who had been in Son Gotleu (Palma). He pointed out that special summer police deployment will start this weekend. This had already been scheduled, an additional element this weekend being the need for police at polling stations for the European elections.

Meanwhile, a protest was organised for Thursday evening to demand that the neighbourhood doesn't become a hotbed of crime. Permission for protests are given by the Spanish government's delegation in the Balearics and requests have to be submitted some days in advance. There is no permission for this protest, which will include local businesspeople as well as residents, but the police will allow it, understanding that it is a "popular" protest and will be peaceful.