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On Sunday, EU citizens in the Balearics will be able to vote in the European elections.

In the Balearics there has been talk about seeking to ban non-residents from buying homes or establishing a qualification period of residence on the islands before being able to buy. But without EU regulatory change a ban would not be possible.

Alicia Homs is the PSOE socialists candidate for the Balearics. She is currently an MEP, having been elected in 2019. She says that her party will be calling on the EU to adopt specific measures so that island regions like the Balearics can have specific legislation to regulate the purchase and sale of second homes - prohibition, in other words.

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On Thursday, a party colleague, Mercedes Garrido, who is a member of the Balearic parliament, accepted that a lack of housing is not a problem that is exclusive to the Balearics. There is a similar situation across Europe, but it is "more aggravated in places with very significant demographic pressure, as is the case in the Balearics".

Homs and Garrido also said on Thursday that PSOE will be looking for tougher regulations that oblige websites to obtain evidence of relevant licences in order to advertise holiday rentals.

As it is, a regulation was approved a few months ago making it mandatory for websites to ask for permits.