Llucmajor town hall has initiated a reinforcement plan to enhance the cleanliness and urban appearance of s'Arenal for the summer. With an influx of visitors expected, this plan aims to maintain high standards of hygiene across both the beachfront and the surrounding streets in the area.

Key measures include an exhaustive cleaning of containers and litter bins, removal of graffiti on street furniture, and street sweeping with pressurised water. The council has also increased waste removal efforts and enhanced the cleaning of streets and parks in s'Arenal. These steps are designed to address the anticipated rise in waste and maintain a clean environment for both residents and visitors.

To ensure these tasks are carried out efficiently, the activities of the contracted waste and street cleaning companies will be closely coordinated. This will help maximise the effectiveness of interventions. During the summer, the frequency of waste removal from bins will be doubled to prevent overflows and littering, which could otherwise cause inconvenience to residents and visitors.

The summer reinforcement plan also involves deploying more machinery and increasing the frequency of waste collection and container cleaning. This initiative responds to the heightened need to manage the increased waste generated by the larger number of visitors and intensified citizen activity. Tomás Sastre, head of the area, emphasized the commitment to minimising potential incidents caused by the increased number of visitors and residents in the bustling area of s'Arenal.

Local residents have repeatedly called for greater control and cleanliness due to the excesses of tourism. The Municipal Brigade will support these efforts, particularly focusing on removing graffiti from street furniture and paying special attention to children's playground areas, which are more susceptible to vandalism.

Xisca Lascolas, mayor of Llucmajor, highlighted the importance of coordinated efforts to be more effective in maintaining cleanliness in high-pressure visitor areas. She also noted that while increasing resources is crucial, optimizing their use is equally important. This comprehensive approach aims to ensure a pleasant and clean environment for everyone in s'Arenal during the busy summer season.