Footage of a group of pickpockets robbing tourists in Soller. | Última hora


The tourist saturation in the municipality of Soller has become a significant draw for pickpockets. With the start of the summer season and the influx of tourists, thieves are taking advantage of the crowded conditions. They have been particularly active in the Plaça de sa Constitució, the Puerto Soller, and even on the Soller train, often disguising themselves as tourists to blend in. Joint operations between the Guardia Civil and the local police are showing results, with an increased police presence in the area.

In recent days there has been a notable rise in pickpocketing incidents, and the municipality is on high alert. Our sister newspaper Ultima Hora has obtained images clearly showing a group of pickpockets in action. According to police sources, most of the suspects are Romanian and highly skilled at operating in crowded areas. Their prime hours of operation are from 11 am to 5pm. These pickpockets are very professional; they quickly take the money from stolen wallets and discard the wallets, making it harder to trace the theft back to them.

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Despite accumulating numerous arrests for theft, the pickpockets are often released and continue their criminal activities. This cycle persists unless judges issue restraining orders against them. The images obtained by Ultima Hora show the brazen nature of these thieves and their ability to operate undetected in plain sight.

The authorities are working diligently to curb this wave of pickpocketing. Increased patrols and targeted operations aim to catch the thieves in the act and deter future incidents. The collaboration between the Guardia Civil and the local police is crucial in addressing this issue and ensuring the safety of both residents and visitors.

Tourists are advised to remain vigilant and take precautions to protect their belongings while enjoying the attractions of Soller. The local government is committed to maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone.