The Guardia Civil have been in charge of the investigation. | MDB


The Guardia Civil's Judicial Police, investigating the death of 45-year-old Irish tourist Michael Grant in Magalluf on Monday morning, have concluded that there was no hit-and-run.

Examination of security cameras in the area have ruled out the possibility that he was hit by a vehicle. None of the images from cameras that the Guardia have studied point to such an incident.

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The police are, however, seeking to determine why his body had abrasions that could have been consistent with a hit-and-run. They believe that he had been involved in a fight. The suggestion is that this was a street seller and that he had run off when friends of this street seller had gone to this person's aid.

Previous reporting of the facts, those related to the autopsy on Tuesday, pointed to Michael Grant having had traces of cocaine in his body from 48 hours before the incident. It is now being said that he had suffered an overdose and had collapsed, indicating that he had taken drugs shortly before the incident.

The police are said to no longer be treating the case as a homicide. The apparent fight was not related to his death, and it is expected that the case will be closed in the next few days.