Incident in Son Oliva on Thursday.


First it was Son Gotleu, then Arenal and now Son Oliva. Clashes in Son Gotleu were between gypsies and other communities on one side and young Algerians on the other. In Arenal, more the Llucmajor part than Palma, it was gypsies against Algerians. In Son Oliva it is gypsies against sub-Saharan Africans.

Wherever racial tensions are occurring, the security forces are on maximum alert. It is becoming increasingly evident that clashes have not solely been due to street crimes like mugging. In Son Gotleu, these were the pretext for attacks on young Algerians and the moves to drive them out of the neighbourhood.

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Control of the local drugs trade is as much a reason as any. This appears to be the case in Son Oliva, where there was a violent confrontation on Thursday night.

The incident that took place around 11pm centred on one particular bar where there has been trouble in the past; it has a reputation for the sale of drugs.

A group of Africans clashed with others, mostly gypsies. By the time the police arrived they had fled the scene. No arrests have as yet been made.