Residents of Son Macia in Manacor have reached breaking point. Tired of noisy buggy excursions that have become commonplace in their small municipality and daily disturbances that have sparked numerous complaints, around twenty locals staged a symbolic protest on Thursday by blocking one of the roads used by the buggies.

To make their point, protestors built a barricade out of straw bales, effectively stopping the buggies in their tracks. The demonstration was peaceful and had a festive air, with people playing card games and bringing melons to share.

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Jaume Adrover, speaking on behalf of the protestors, highlighted that the issue extends beyond Son Macia, affecting many other municipalities close by. He called for a regional ordinance to prevent conflicting rules between municipalities, noting that many of these companies continue operating despite numerous violations.

Adrover also stressed the severe impact on the local community. He described how the buggies cause extensive damage, disturb residents, and create hazards for cyclists and pedestrians. The noise, dust, and disruption to rural roads are major problems, and the excursions offer no benefits while causing significant harm.

Local police responded to the protest, identifying those who had set up the barricade and those operating the buggies. The authorities are now investigating the buggy operators, suspecting that many lack the necessary permits for their excursions.