Brandon in action this afternoon against Nastic.

08-04-2017Miquel Àngel Borràs

Real Mallorca 0 - Nastic 0
With another coach installed at Mallorca and the grim reaper of relegation hanging over them, a win against fellow strugglers Nastic was vital. Adopting yet another system, essentially with Brandon on his own upfront, Mallorca managed to have no decent effort on goal until Angelino went close on 40 minutes following a Moutinho corner; Nastic weren't much better.

There was an improvement after half time, centre-back Raíllo's header on 60 minutes the best chance. There was added firepower - it would have hoped - with Lago, Lekic and Roigé all coming on. However, it fell to Yuste, with two minutes of normal time remaining, to almost realise the hope when he hit the bar. Lago then went just wide.

Not all is lost for Mallorca, but the task of staying up has now become that much greater.

Santamaria; Campabadal, Ansotegi, Raíllo, Angelino; Yuste; Salomao (Roigé 76), Zdjelar (Lekic 69), Domínguez, Moutinho (Lago Junior 60); Brandon

Reina; Valentin, Molina, Perone, Bouzón, Mossa; Tejera, Zahibo, Madinda (Muñiz 18), Emaná (Delgado 81); Barreiro (López 44)

Attendance: 9,842


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Silversurfer / Hace over 4 years

This is a sad state of affairs. It´s not that long since Mallorca could hold their own against the like of Barcelona and Real Madrid. Where did it all go so wrong ? Short of a miracle, Mallorca won´t have a team to follow. Come on RCD Mallorca - show some passion, earn your wages and win some games. At least end the season looking as though you WANT to win !


Phil / Hace over 4 years

Sorry to finish, next season in Segunda B attendances will decline to 2,000 and less on occasions. I hope the new owners lose a lot of money and give up on the team because quite frankly Robert Sarver is the worst owner the club has ever had.


Phil / Hace over 4 years

Let's not sugar coat this. This tesm has gone, no leader, no direction and rubbish players. They are relegated, they are 6 points off safety, it will take them 10 games on current to get that and that assumes everyone loses the next 8 games!! No its all over and you have to say its totally deserved. From the board room to the players, its a pathetic shambles. Worst Mallorca team in a generation. The players should fall on their swords, they are a disgrace. Next season