President Armengol is seeking reelection. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS take place here in Spain on Sunday 28th May.

Prior to Brexit all British residents registered in their local Town Hall (padrón) had the right to register on the census (censo) and vote in their Municipal Elections.

I have been led to understand from a reliable source that this census of British residents was destroyed after Brexit, with no notification issued to those affected.

However, it has been agreed and confirmed post Brexit that British residents registered on the padrón and the census have the RIGHT TO VOTE.

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All British residents who were previously on the census obviously did not re-register as they believed they were still on the census.

The Spanish electoral authorities have announced that all Town Halls in Spain will be open Monday 10th April to Monday 17th April (weekend included) where the full census will be displayed.

You are urged to take the time to check that you are on the current published CENSUS and therefore have the basic DEMOCRATIC RIGHT to vote in your local municipal elections.

It’s only takes a few minutes. If you are not on the census and believe you should be, please make a formal written complaint at the Town Hall and keep a copy of this document.