The circus comes to town! | Queen's College


On Friday February 10th the Queen's College primary department celebrated carnival based on a theme called "Let me entertain you!" The children and staff all dressed up as "performers".

Many children chose circus entertainers - clowns, magicians, jugglers, mime artists, tightrope walkers, acrobats and dancers.

Oh la la!

Ring masters helped to keep the carnival parade flowing around the school grounds.

Ballerinas pirouetted their way across the playground; footballers and tennis stars showed off their sporting skills and the world of song and dance came together in celebration of music.

From Messi to Mary Poppins Year 6.

The resident DJ ensured there was a plentiful supply of music from "The Greatest Showman" along with some lively carnival beats.

Clowning around

The carnival parade managed to dodge the showers before retreating to the classrooms for a morning of "star turns" where children performed songs, poems, dances, jokes, magic tricks or comedy acts for their friends.

There's magic in the air!

Earlier in the week performance poet David Mason was invited into school to share his poetry with children in Years 1 - 6.

David Mason entertaining Year 2 and Year 4

The children love his feel good poetry and catchy rhythms. David was only happy to sign copies of his poetry books with personal dedications. David has been visiting the school and entertaining the children for over 20 years.

Year 4 - Entertaining our friends

It was a beautiful carnival week at Queen's College. The primary staff were so proud of the children and would like to thank the parents for their wonderful support and creativity in helping to put together the carnival costumes.