The park rangers. | Queen's College


Earlier in the week the children in Nursery - Year 2 performed an adaptation of Julia Donaldson’s story, “The Ugly Five”. The Year 2 children narrated the story of five ugly jungle creatures who are convinced they are ugly beasts until their babies tell them that they are “loved to bits”!

A group of baby meerkats

Elena and Maria as park rangers

The stage was filled with meerkats, monkeys, lions, tigers, snakes, elephants, flamingos and warthogs; the park rangers kept everyone in order and the ugly five felt the love!

Elephants and slithery snakes

The children delighted their parents with song and dance routines including The Bare Necessities, The Lion Sleeps Tonight and “Count on Me” by Bruno Mars.

Flamingos, park rangers and “ugly beasts”

The flamingos.
Year 2 mid performance

Trip to Es Burotell

This week the pupils in Year 1 visited Es Burotell where they did some baking and helped to feed the animals.

The Nursery children have been learning about "people who help us", in particular the "f" sound in "firefighter"; this was made so much more exciting with their hands in the paint!

Save the Med beach clean up

On Wednesday the students in Year 4 joined the Save the Med team in a beach clean up in Palma Nova - they collected over 800 microplastics!

The children had a busy day classifying the things they found on the beach and learning about how microplastics can be absorbed into so many food chains.