Peace - Mary-Anne, Aiden, Dylan and Ke'ra. | Queen's College


Building on creative and imaginative ideas through art

Art allows children to explore and express their ideas and feelings as a means of self expression and to communicate their thoughts to others. Art is all around us; at Queen’s College the children weave art into all areas of the curriculum making their learning really come alive.

Bella, Oliver and Mayim - Ancient Greek Mosaics.

By looking at art from different cultures and historical eras, learning becomes visually embedded into our explorations and investigations; it helps us to understand and connect with themes at a far deeper level.

Lucia's dragon's eye.

Careful observation to focus on detail

Year 4 students have been studying “How To Train Your Dragon”; they worked on the skill of 3D shading when observing a dragon’s eye.

Gabi's dragon's eye.

Art is a wonderful way to help students to reduce symptoms of anxiety or stress whilst engaging in a creative process. It helps the children to express their ideas in a way that words sometimes cannot. Pupils often choose working with pattern, doodling and colour in their “Golden Time” as a means of relaxation with some beautiful calm music in the background. Producing a piece of wonderful art work or a fantastic illustration can boost a child’s self esteem immensely. Displaying high quality art work in our classrooms creates an attractive and productive workspace where children will thrive.

Nursery - Exploring shape with coloured dough.
Nursery children - creative collage.

Art work is an integral part of the Early Years department daily routine. They explore a wide range of activities to harness their creative minds and build on the skills required to fully explore art throughout the educational journey.

Nursery - such careful paint work!
Run, Run as fast as you can .... gingerbread people on the production line!

Art breaks down language barriers - it communicates! Looking at a painting or listening to a piece of music connects people emotionally; sharing experiences makes the world an exciting, welcoming and global space.

Nicole, Cassidy, Emma, Sofia, Philipp and Benji - Christmas wreaths.
Anna Sophia and Juan - Snow at Christmas time.

Christmas art makes us happy, reflects empathy and reminds us to think about others. The children have enjoyed making posters for their Christmas Fair on Friday 24th November where local and global charities will be supported with the money raised.

Peace on Earth - a Christmas wish!

The Year 6 children took the famous line from a Christmas Carol “Let there be peace on Earth” and produced beautiful designs to share.