Students from Queen's College during their projects. | Queen's College


A Time for Giving

Over 11,000 euros was raised at the Queen’s College Christmas Fair at the end of November and with the annual Christmas Giving Tree in support of:

The school would like to thank the Queen’s College parents, staff and pupils for their hard work and generous donations which made both events a tremendous success!

Finding out about Florence

The Year 2 children have been extremely busy this term with their work on Florence Nightingale. Each child made their own “Scutari Hospital” showing how Florence improved the conditions for the injured soldiers.

They made puppets of the historical characters and dressed up as soldiers and “Florence” for a sepia photo which they placed in some beautiful home made frames.

The home corner in the classroom has become the Scutari Hospital and role play ensures that the children experiment with the vocabulary used throughout their history project.