Year 3 children have been busy investigating the Stone Age. | Queen's College


The return after the Christmas break has been an exciting one. The Year 3 children have been busy investigating the Stone Age; they visited the talayots in Son Fornes to find out more about the stone buildings, how they were constructed and how communities lived in these buildings.

At the museum they looked at artefacts found on the site and excavated pieces of broken pottery in the sand, carefully preparing their samples as archaeologists do with their findings.

Year 1 and the saga of the Evil Pea!

The Evil Pea has once again been creating havoc in the Year 1 classrooms! The Evil Pea from time to time escapes and makes a mess - last week chairs and desks were tossed across the room, pencil cases emptied, books were strewn across the floor! The children were horrified.

Vegetable Superheroes!

They decided to enlist the help of some other vegetables, firmly believing they could help to find the Evil Pea - and luckily, their plan worked! The Evil Pea was found in a plate of jelly and the children were able to put the pea safely back in the freezer!

There he is! The Evil Pea was found on a plate of jelly!

"Please help us to find the Evil Pea, we know you can do it!"

The children made some wonderful “Wanted” posters and created vegetable superheroes to help to solve the mystery.

Mark, Marta, Heath, Naia, Daniela, Dani, Marta and Lucas - Miro inspired art work.

Preparing for a visit to the Pilar and Joan Miro foundation

Year 6 will be visiting the Pilar and Joan Miro foundation next week. In preparation for their visit the students have been finding out about Miro’s life and works. The children have been working on paintings inspired by Miro’s paintings.

Issie, Ethan, Noa, Alexi, Lia, Blanca, Jackson, Leia and Jaime proudly presenting their work.

Queen’s is extremely proud of Lea (Year 6) who was awarded 500 euros in a donation to RANA as one of the winners of the Mallorca Fashion Outlet Christmas drawing competition. Congratulations Lea!

The primary pupils at Queen’s are preparing for their carnival parade on the 9th February when they will be celebrating “What a Wonderful World”.