Year 5. | Queen's College


British Science Week 2024 took place between 12th and 15th March; the theme this year was ‘TIME’. Additional science lessons were prepared across the week based around the theme. Each year group selected a scientist to study, Stephen Hawking, Einstein, Jane Goodall, Marie Curie .... the children investigated their work and carried out practical experiments to understand the work better.

Testing parachutes.
Electricity Year 3.

For part of the week, the children worked together in house groups where age groups were mixed together to design a parachute. The parachutes were then tested; the day culminated in a parachute “house competition”.

Year 4.
Early years.

The whole of the primary department and staff came to school dressed as scientists - physicists, chemists, paleontologists, botanists, cosmonologists to name but a few! Isaac Newton rubbed shoulders with Jane Goodall and Einstein - white coats, microscopes and safety goggles filled the classrooms. Test tubes bubbled with luminous liquids and balloons represented atoms.

Joan, Ke’ra, Mary Anne and Anna Sophia.
Santi, Philipp, Sophia, Blanca, Cassidy and Neus.

The children made models, created posters, used Chrome books to help with investigations and carry out experiments; they brought in treasured telescopes, dinosaurs, microscopes and magnifying glasses to accessorise their costumes!