All about science

Science week has been a huge success at Queen’s College. Science is a favourite subject with many children, they are curious to know why and how things work. Curiosity leads to questions, investigations and experiments. Practical scenarios make learning exciting and memorable. The children in the Early Years department were creating shadows, noting changes to the shape and size at different times of the day by drawing the shadows. They were fascinated by their findings.

Dressing up as scientists made their experiments even more real - the children felt very grown up and professional!

The youngest children regularly take their learning out into the forest - looking for minibeasts, collecting leaves and twigs for collage or playing games connected with their weekly theme.

Year 2 loved finding out about the work of scientists and their many inventions. They used microscopes and magnifying lenses to carefully observe insects, plants and anything that captured their interest throughout the week.

The children found out why scientists need to follow strict rules about safety and discussed equipment, labels and goggles to protect their eyes.

Year 1 had a wonderful time on their Teddy Bear’s picnic just before the Easter break - they even made Paddington’s favourite picnic treat - marmalade sandwiches! And yes, a tiger also came to tea!

Year 5 proudly pose in their science week costumes after a very busy week of investigations, experiments and challenges!

3D design - Year 6

Year 6 have been busy with their papier mache dragon egg designs and looking at making sculptures out of everyday objects inspired by their recent visit to the Joan Miro foundation.