The Nursery and Reception children had a wonderful day out at Fresopolis. | Queen's College


There are so many wonderful places to visit in Mallorca and the primary children have been making the most of outdoor learning opportunities as they link their themed work to local museums and farms. The Reception class has been studying minibeasts in the woodland area beside school.

What have we here?
Keep a look out for snails after the rain ....

Rummaging about in the leaf litter!

Fresopolis fun!

The Nursery and Reception children had a wonderful day out at Fresopolis. They rode on tractors, fed the animals and learnt how to take care of a farm.

The children spent time with a variety of different animals on the farm and discovered how they liked to live and what they liked to eat. They had a walk through the fields and saw how the different fruits and vegetables are grown, They all loved feeding Ferdinando the friendly cow!

Year 1 - Magic at Es Burotell

The children in Year 1 loved their visit to Es Burotell - they made biscuits and special bags to take home any biscuits leftover, for their parents!

The children played games with the monitors at the centre and despite the early morning rain, they were able to experience farm life as soon as the sun came out!

Year 2 - listening carefully about Miro's life.

The joy of Joan Miro - on our doorstep!

Year 2 had a fabulous day out at the Joan Miro Foundation. They learnt about his life, where he painted and sculptured and studied his paintings. They loved his use of the primary colours and his simple shapes.

Thinking about the primary colours
Miro's shapes.
Miro's studio and inspirations.

They have been painting in his style back in the classroom reflecting the sun, sea, sky and stars of their island home.