Queen's College find rubbish in the forest. | Queen's College


Reception on a forest clean up!

This week the Reception children at Queen's College have been learning about plastic pollution in nature. They discussed plastic pollution in the seas and forests of Mallorca and looked at ways in which they could help.The children went into the forest to do a wonderful clean up!

They sadly found a lot of rubbish which they brought back into school to talk about. They looked at ways in which some of these items could be dangerous to wildlife. The children are now keen to protect the environment and always put their rubbish in the bin.

The scarecrow who couldn't scare!

Last week the children in Nursery, Reception and Years 1 and 2 performed their summer musical, The Scarecrow Who Couldn't Scare, for their parents.

The Year 2 children were the storytellers, Bill and Maisie MacDonald, worms, birds and ants. They spoke out clearly and learnt their words beautifully. The story was about a scarecrow who was afraid to scare away the birds. The nursery children were roosters and chickens. The reception children were butterflies and bees and the year one children were farmers and farm animals.

Songs included Bartolito the Rooster, Here Comes the Sun and Together. The children love to perform for their parents and gain so much confidence through this experience.