First match of the new season, and a worrying defeat for Mallorca, outplayed by Alcorcón, incapable of creating any real goal-scoring opportunities and let down by a sluggish defence. A goal in each half was enough to emphasise the home side's supremacy, David Rodríguez heading in Pastrana's fourteenth-minute cross, and Chema Rodríguez finishing things off by toe-poking in Mayor's header after twelve minutes of the second period.

Still some days left in the transfer window, and coach Ferrer needs reinforcements, so long as they are better than that what he had on show last night.

Dmitrovic: Nélson, Djené, C. Rodríguez, Bellvis; Campaña, Toribio; Plano (Sergi, 80), Máyor, Pastrana; D. Rodríguez (Fausto, 90).

Wellenreuther; Campabadal (Pereira, 55), Henneböle, Aveldaño, Oriol; Yuste, Ros; Company, Fofo (Acuña, 62), Moutinho (Arana, 72); Brandon

Alcorcón: D Rodríguez (14 mins), C. Rodríguez (57 mins)

Alcorcón: Bellvis (yellow - 28 mins).
Mallorca: Fofo (yellow - 43 mins), Ros (yellow - 56 mins), Moutinho (yellow - 69 mins), Brandon (yellow - 75 mins), Company (yellow - 86 mins).