Moutinho (right) during the defeat to Alcorcon. | @LaLiga


Alcorcon 1 - Real Mallorca 0

Mallorca away at fellow strugglers Alcorcon and desperate for a result.

During an unremarkable first half, Mallorca's centre back Raíllo had Mallorca's only real opportunity on fifteen minutes. His header, from Moutinho's corner, went wide. Alcorcon were marginally better with chances from Elgebazal and Owona.

It was the Alcorcon centre back, Owona, who rocked Mallorca by heading in just after the break. Things didn't get any better for Mallorca: Lago, Moutinho, Ansotegi, Lekic, none of their efforts troubled Alcorcon.

And that was that. Poor. Mallorca are in deep trouble.

Dmitrovic; Vega, Elgezabal, Owona, Ochirosii (Cuenca 77); Tropi, Toribio; Plano (Kadir 72), Pérez, Ivi (Luque 82); Rodríguez

Santamaria; Company (Roigé 82), Ansotegi, Raíllo, Angelino; Moutinho, Yuste, Salomao, Culio; Lago Junior (Lekic 66), Brandon