General Manager, Maheta Molango, welcomes Macedonian signing Aleksandar Trajkovski.

After a week when a 70-year-old man went into a Leicester hospital for a Bladder Botox procedure and came out circumcised – it reminded me of the man who was waking up after surgery to overhear the nurse say “No, doctor, I said we need to remove his spectacles!” – Real Mallorca play Levante tonight at Son Moix in the 44th City of Palma Cup match, kick off is 9 pm.

With just a week to go before our first “Primera” game for six years, when we play at home to Eibar, ticket sales for the new season have been phenomenal. Ticket madness once again settled over Son Moix on Thursday.

Offices opened on Wednesday for new season ticket applicants and the first 350 were successful.The rest were told to take a ticket and “come back tomorrow” (Thursday).

Around 100 fans started queueing at 11 pm on Wednesday night and by nine in the morning, the queue had snaked past the Mallorcafé, all they way along Cami dels Reis and into the large car park.

At one o’clock, after 3000 tickets had been sold, the club put up the “Agotado” (sold out) signs and stopped selling any more tickets. Security guards then closed the gates, only allowing people out. After ground modifications over the past few years, Son Moix capacity has been lowered to 20,500.

Law now states that 20% of seating capacity must be reserved for match day ticket applicants and visiting fans. They will now sit in the south end which holds 4000. Just how they’re going to fill all these seats remains to be seen, but the club have to abide by the law. Needless to say, there were many disappointed fans, but at least the ones who queued up all night got some satisfaction. At the end of the day, 16,125 season tickets have been sold, which is the second highest total we’ve ever had, with expectations high.

Mallorca have still to bring in some more replacements with fans citing they want players with more quality, but money is a stumbling block as they continue to pay off their previous debt from some years ago to Hacienda, which now stands at 17 million euros.
It’s necessary to reinforce several positions but the most important signing came in January, Ante Budimir, not only as a striker but also our No. 1 interpreter! We’ve now brought in two Serbians, and a Macedonian player, along with “Budi” who is Croatian.

Our Macedonian is a right-sided midfielder/winger called Aleksandar Trajkovski.
He’s 26 and a full Internationalist for his country, who arrived on a four-year deal from the now defunct Italian team Palermo.

In June the Sicilian club failed to provide a valid insurance policy which meant they were excluded from Serie B after reaching the play-offs. Then they were found guilty of money laundering so went down another division into Serie C. All the players and staff were released and a new phoenix from the ashes arose in the Sicilian capital called Hera Hora SL.
All that meant was their biggest asset, Trajkovski, was without a club and as Mallorca were monitoring his situation they quickly moved to get his signature, as other options included Sporting Lisbon were hovering. He has a buy-out clause of 45 million euros and looks a player of high quality.

There’s still no news about the dispute between La Liga and the Spanish FA over whether or not games should be played on Fridays or Mondays, after a long meeting in Madrid on Wednesday. La Liga accused the RFEF of presenting false evidence to the court. Their premature action in going ahead and scheduling fixtures for the first three weekends with no game for Fridays or Mondays has been described by La Liga as criminal. The bottom line of all this childish malarkey us that the judge will come to a decision in FIVE days’ time.

A spokesman for the clubs said they are NOT in favour of the RFEF’s plans. He went on “Not playing on Monday and Friday will be a disaster – a mess!” Premier Sports have confirmed they have submitted a bid to show live Spanish football in the UK. No previous offers were accepted by La Liga’s authorities. Another bidding process is said to have begun, with Premier Sports tweeting “We are hopeful of securing these rights and await La Liga Santander’s decision.”


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A decision was finally made yesterday regarding games being played on Friday and Monday nights, which both the RFEF and La Liga seem happy with. The judge opted for a conclusion where both “warring factions” met in the middle. Games WILL be played on Fridays but NOT Mondays (which for the RFEF was their main bone of contention). The wish of the fans has been fulfilled. Real Mallorca, who were originally scheduled to play at home against Eibar a week on Monday will now play next Saturday, August 17 at 8 pm.