...for Hossein Mousavi who probably won the Iranian election two weeks ago and was at the centre of many of the early street protests against the rigged poll. But Mr Mousavi has not been seen in public for nine days and his movements are probably being curtailed by state security forces to prevent him from becoming the focus of a further outbreak of protest. It also appears that the communications network through which he was able to keep in touch with this supporters has been broken. However, in praising Mr Mousavi for the way in which he confronted Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the election's TV debates and for the dignified way in which he led the subsequent protests, it should not be forgotten that in hard political policy terms there may not have been a great deal of difference between the two men. Mousavi had been prime minister for eight years under an earlier religious regime and on the key issue of Iran's nuclear ambitions he took an ambivalent position. What is clear, however, is that he would have been a more acceptable leader of Iran internationally. He showed considerable braveness in standing against the corrupt regime.