The Balearics Girls XV.


In their first national competition the Balearics Girls XV gained a well-earned fourth place in Cordoba over the weekend. They won the group match against Murcia by 3 points to 5. After a very equal first half neither team had scored but a penalty kick after the break put Murcia ahead. This spurred the Balearics team on and they scored a try which was enough for the win. The girls lost the next group match to a very strong and experienced Basque Country by 41 points to 5. This put them into the play-off match for third or fourth place against Andalusia on Sunday. Although they fought hard they lost this game by 39 points to 0 earning the fourth place trophy.


Balearics U14

LeagueHosts Agora Portals lost their match against RC Ponent in the next leg of this league by 25 points to 75. The combined forces of El Toro RC and Dimonis proved to be too strong for the Trepitjadors team and beat them by 80 points to 10.

Baleares Senior League

A last-minute score for Shamrock RC gave them a win away against Bahia RC by 14 points to 16. The controversy with Shamrock's U18 players is still to be resolved but until it is, it leaves them with fewer players for the team. In the match in Son Caliu between El Toro RC and the combined Corsaris /Dimonis team a second-half surge saw the win go to the visitors by 14 points to 25.

Fifth Rugby Day

Sunday saw the island´s young rugby enthusiasts descend on Agora Portals for the fifth Rugby Day. The unseasonably warm weather produced the odd sunburn to go with the occasional grass burn, but nothing that the hardened boys and girls couldn’t cope with. A new format saw the teams having the same game time, but less time waiting for their turn between games and overall. It proved to be a popular move for the players and more so for the parents. The larger clubs El Toro and Ponent continue their domination of most of the junior grades, but many of the other clubs such as Agora Portals, Trepitjadors, Pollensa, Mallorca Bocs, Bahia and Dimonis are showing great improvements in numbers, commitment and application. All is looking rosy for the future of Majorcan rugby and we look forward to this continuing this coming Sunday in Manacor.