Mallorcan tennis ace, Rafa Nadal, said this morning that this season would probably be his last in the strongest sign yet that he is pondering retirement. Rafa, one of the most successful tennis players ever, said that he couldn't be sure but indicated that one final season was his overall plan, obviously depending on his fitness.

"I can't be 100% sure (about retirement) because in the end I've worked hard to get back to competing and if suddenly my fitness allows me to keep going and I enjoy what I'm doing, why would I set a deadline, it doesn't make sense".

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It was on December 1 when Rafa officially confirmed his return to the courts in January in

Brisbane and since then he has been expanding his thoughts through videos on social media. In a video today he said "of course I have thought at many times that it did not make sense (to return to competition) ... that there are many years, many things, many hours of work that you do not see the result .... I still think I did not deserve to end my career in a press room, I would like it to end differently and I have fought and I have maintained the illusion at all times for that to happen."