Time to hit the beach. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Palma is 25 degrees and partly sunny, partly cloudy today, but at least the wind has dropped a little bit and it’ll be 14 overnight.

Calvia is 24 and mostly sunny with a cool northerly wind and a low of 12 degrees.

It’s 23 and very breezy in Felanitx with a mixture of sunshine and clouds, but it will be warm night at 17 degrees.

Early morning showers in Alcudia will soon clear away, it will be 23 degrees when the sun comes out and after dark the temperature will drop to 15.

Bunyola is 23 and sunny with cloudy intervals, a moderate northerly wind and a low of 11 degrees.

Well, finally after a dreadful winter and an unusually unstable Spring, it looks like Mallorca can now get into the swing of summer.

After last weekend’s glorious sunshine, we are in store for another lovely week ahead with highs of around 26ºC in some parts of the island and only the occasional cloud.

Yes, the British media may well be going on about how it is going to be hotter in some parts of the UK than in the Balearics, but I think most people would rather be lounging on the beach in Mallorca and there are plenty of last minute deals to be snapped up in the UK at the moment.

Maximum temperatures for the coming week will range between 24ºC and 26ºC and the sun is going to have its hat on. So enjoy Mallorca at its best.