Son Bauló. | Elena Ballestero


The Aemet met agency had forecast some rain early on and possible thunderstorms, especially in the southwest of the island. Any rain should clear to give a fine day.

The outlook for the week is good, with temperatures expected to rise at the weekend - highs of 35 or 36.

Forecasts for Tuesday -

Alcudia 29C, gentle northeast breeze easing later on.

Andratx 28C, gentle westerly easing to light in the afternoon.

Palma 29C, moderate breeze from the southwest easing to gentle after midday.

Pollensa 31C, gentle northeasterly in the morning; light easterly in the afternoon.

Sant Llorenç 31C, light north breeze in the morning increasing to moderate south in the afternoon.

Santanyi 30C, gentle southeast breeze veering southwest later on.

Soller 29C, light northwesterly easing to calm.

Highs on Monday - Llucmajor 31.4 at 12.40pm; Porreres 30.8 at 12.50pm; Palma (University) 30.6 at 12.10pm.