Cala Llombards. | Gabriel Alomar

Yellow alert for high temperatures in Mallorca's interior on Monday - up to 36C - with the alert extending to the south of the island on Tuesday. By the weekend, highs in the interior could be up to 39C; lower in coastal areas - around 33C.

Forecasts for Monday (UV rating 10) -

Alcudia 32C, gentle northeast breeze easing to light east.

Andratx 32C, light southerly; calm in the afternoon.

Palma 33C, light-gentle southwest breezes.

Pollensa 35C, light north breeze veering east.

Sant Llorenç 34C, light to gentle southeast breezes.

Santanyi 32C, gentle southeast breeze in the morning easing to light.

Soller 35C, light northwesterly easing to calm.

Highs on Sunday - Es Capdellà 35.0 at 3pm, Palma 35.0 at 1.40pm; Llucmajor 34.8 at 1.20pm.