Changeable conditions, and weather stations reflect this. Forecasts of temperatures up to 35 or 36C at the weekend have altered and now show highs to be much as they are at present.

Cloudy across much of Mallorca on Tuesday, with a chance of rain pretty much anywhere. On Monday, there was some rain about, but it wasn't heavy - 2.8 litres per square metre in Petra the most.

Forecasts for Tuesday (UV rating 8):

Alcudia 32C, calm; light air in the afternoon; sunny spells, 70% risk of rain.

Andratx 31C, gentle westerly breeze easing to light; mostly sunny.

Deya 30C, light air in the morning easing to calm; cloudy at times.

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Palma 32C, light west breeze increasing gentle northwest; mainly cloudy, 70% risk of rain.

Pollensa 33C, light air from the south and southeast; cloudy.

Sant Llorenç 32C, light north breeze veering southeast after midday; occasional sunny spells, 80% risk of rain.

Santanyi 32C, light west breeze in the morning, from the southeast in the afternoon; cloudy, 80% risk of rain.

Highs on Monday - 32.7 Porreres at 3.20pm; 32.1 Palma (University) at 1.30pm; 32.0 Santa Maria at 2.50pm.