Inca on Friday.


The alerts for Saturday - yellow for rain and thunderstorms up to 8am for the whole of Mallorca. There are also yellow alerts for rough coastal conditions for the whole of the island except the south from 8am to midnight.

Cloud is expected to lift, though this may be more persistent in northern and northeastern areas. There has been rain on Saturday morning but nothing like that which Felanitx experienced on Friday - some 135 litres per square metre in an hour. There were 59 litres in Selva.

Conditions did vary greatly depending on area on Friday, a weather chart showing where, for example, there were clusters of lightning strikes - high concentration in the southeast, somewhat less so in an area from Inca going north, and hardly any elsewhere.

Map of lightning strikes in Mallorca

The outlook for Sunday is good. Highs of 27 to 28C and mostly sunny.

Forecasts for Saturday (UV rating 6):

Alcudia 27C, moderate northeasterly breeze easing to gentle.

Andratx 29C, moderate east breeze easing to gentle.

Deya 25C, light breezes from the east and northeast.

Palma 27C, moderate east and northeast breezes.

Pollensa 28C, moderate northeast breeze easing to gentle.

Sant Llorenç 26C, moderate northeasterly easing to light.

Santanyi 27C, moderate northeast breeze easing to gentle.

Highs on Friday - 33.6 Es Capdella at 2.50pm; 31.6 Palma (Port) at 3pm.

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