Stormy weather in September is to be expected. | Marta García

The Aemet met agency has issued a yellow alert for storms in Mallorca on Thursday.

The alert applies to most of the east of the island and to much of the interior. There is no alert at present for the south, most of the Tramuntana, the northern bay areas or the northeast (Arta, Capdepera), but rain is possible for the whole of the island.

Aemet is forecasting rain of 30 to 40 litres per square metre in the alert areas. The alert is active from 12 o'clock midday to 7pm on Thursday.

The general forecast for Thursday is for cloudy intervals with occasional and scattered showers that may be accompanied by a storm and which could be locally strong. Daytime temperatures will decrease slightly, albeit that highs are likely to remain above 30C.

On Friday, there could be more occasional showers accompanied by a storm.