Palma Bay & Lighthouse. | Wendy Wighton Urquhart


Palma is 30 degrees, overcast and very blustery, but it should stay dry and overnight the temperature will drop to 21.

The sun’s out in Calvia and it’s 32 degrees with strong winds, cloudy intervals and a low of 21.

A cleanup operation is underway in Santanyi after torrential rain caused severe flooding there yesterday. It’s cloudy and windy today, but there will be some sunny spells and the daytime temperature of 29 degrees will fall to 22 after dark.

Dark clouds are gathering in Alcúdia, so there might be a shower or two and it will be 28 degrees with a low of 21.

Valldemossa is 27 degrees with hazy sunshine, a light easterly wind and an overnight temperature of 20.

Weather forecast for the next few days:

Today's minimum temperatures: