Rain more likely in the interior, but it could be anywhere. | Xesca Serra


The Aemet met agency has issued a yellow alert for rain in Mallorca on Friday. The alert applies to the whole of the island, will be active between 12 midday and 6pm, and suggests that there could be rainfall of 25 litres per square metre over a one-hour period. Rain may well be accompanied by storms.

Aemet spokesperson, Miquel Gili, says that this is not a "very adverse" forecast but that the alert has been raised as a precaution, as rainfall will depend on the convergence of breezes. A warming during the day will produce the breezes. Where they converge, there will be heavy showers.

When the breezes are light, as they will be on Friday, rain is most common in the interior, but it could fall elsewhere. This is what happened on Wednesday, when almost 25 litres per square metre fell in Campos in the space of half an hour.

Highs on Friday will be between 24C and 27C. Saturday's temperatures will be the same. Rain is also likely on Saturday, but Aemet has yet to issue any alert.