It's going to a hot summer in the Balearics. | David Arquimbau Sintes


It is going to a hot one in June, in fact, this summer is going to be much hotter than usual according to the Balearic met. office.

Last month, May, was said to have been warmer than usual with some record temperatures set and there is a 70 percent chance that the Balearics is going to swelter this summer in glorious weather.

Last month, a weather warning was issued as the “earliest heatwave” since records began blasted some holiday hotspots.
And Spanish meteorologists are now predicting that June, July and August will be hotter than usual this year.

The probability of much warmer weather in the Canary Islands and the northwest of Spain is 60%, and 70% in the Balearics and in the rest of mainland Spain.

An emergency heat prevention plan has already been launched which will remain in place until September 15.
A surveillance system has also been set up to monitor the impact of high temperatures on the health of its citizens.

Temperatures this week in Mallorca are currently forecast to reach the mid 30ºC by the weekend.