Sultry conditions at present. | M. Ester y Paco


The stifling weather in Mallorca at present, not exactly uncommon for the time of year, is due - unsurprisingly - to the high humidity. Miquel Gili of the Aemet met agency explains that high humidity increases the thermal sensation. With humidity of around 50-70% (the case on Thursday), the thermal sensation is up to 37 or 38 degrees, given the current temperatures.

He adds that the humidity will continue to be high on Friday but that the forecast indicates that the humidity will drop over the weekend. Although temperatures will continue to be high - between 30 and 33 - the thermal sensation will not be as great. He points out that temperatures are between three to four degrees higher than usual at the beginning of September; they are more typical of mid-August.

Gili says that although an average daytime humidity cannot be given, it is usually between 20-30%, while at night it rises to 80-90%. With the heat of the day, the humidity decreases, except on days such as those this week, when there has been very humid air coming from the south.