Mallorca braced for some freak tropical weather. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Storms and “abnormal heat” will dominate the next few days in Mallorca according to the Balearic delegate of the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet), Bernat Amengual.

The heaviest rains are expected on Friday and Saturday, when some alerts have been activated, while on Sunday a new rise in temperatures is forecast.

The maximum temperatures are already higher than usual at the beginning of September; today they have reached between 29º and 33º, while the normal temperature is 28º.

The weather situation will worsen on Friday, when and Aemet has activated a yellow alert for heavy rain and thunderstorms between 12:00 and 18:00, as 20 litres of rain in just one hour.

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Maximum temperatures will rise slightly to 30º-34º, while minimum temperatures will not drop below 18º-24º.

On Saturday the yellow alert during the central hours of the day will move to the south and interior of the island, as 20 litres of rain per square metre may be recorded in one hour.

Daytime temperatures will drop slightly, ranging between 29º and 33º, while night-time temperatures will not drop below 19º-25º.

The deputy spokesman for the Aemet said that on Sunday the weather will be stable again and no more rain is expected while maximum temperatures will rise again and reach 30º-36º.

Although it is still early, it is most likely that it will be necessary to activate a yellow heat alert, mainly in the interior of Mallorca.