The melon statue seen and inset: after it exploded. | Archives


Nothing better than a cooling melon in a heat wave but in Vilafranca the heat was just too much for a clay model of a melon which shattered due to the intense sun. Vilafranca is the home of the Mallorca melon and it has quite simply been feeling the heat and not even its treasured melons could contain the sun.

The clay model was one of the main features in the town but this morning it was in pieces, a victim of the heat wave of summer 2023. This week the area has been hit by record temperatures causing all sorts of problems.

Vilafranca is not alone in having problems with the intense heat. At one Palma hospital a breakdown in the air conditioning led some patients and their families to faint. Today the temperatures have cooled but the heatwave is set to return again next week.