Friday rainfall. | @AEMET_Baleares

So, what happened with the rain on Friday? The question that was asked on Wednesday and Thursday as well. The image below indicates why Aemet issued an amber alert for the Tramuntana and the south and a yellow alert for the rest of the island from 2pm to 6pm on Friday. But apart from some rain in the Tramuntana, there wasn't anything; most of it fell out at sea.

Infra-red weather map for Mallorca on 15 September, 2023

Sunny with some cloud on Saturday. Aemet suggests there may be the odd thunderstorm overnight on Friday, but as to the forecast for Saturday, weather stations are all indicating a fine day with no rain. No alerts for anything.

On Sunday, temperatures are predicted to rise and it will also be a sunny day with occasional cloud. However, there may be a chance of rain in the evening. The forecast for Monday up to Thursday at present suggests possible rain.

Forecast for Saturday as of Friday 7.30pm (UV rating 6):

Alcudia (20C) 29C, light northeast-east breezes; humidity 60%. Three-day forecast - Sun: 30, Mon: 30, Tue: 28.

Andratx (19C) 29C, light south breeze easing to calm; humidity 55%. Sun: 30, Mon: 28, Tue: 28.

Binissalem (18C) 31C, calm increasing to gentle northeast breeze; humidity 50%. Sun: 34, Mon: 29, Tue: 30.

Deya (19C) 29C, light north breeze veering southeast; humidity 50%. Sun: 30, Mon: 27, Tue: 28.

Palma (19C) 30C, light southwest breeze increasing to gentle east; humidity 55%. Sun: 32, Mon: 29, Tue: 30.

Pollensa (20C) 30C, light east breeze; humidity 60%. Sun: 32, Mon: 31, Tue: 29.

Porreres (19C) 32C, light east breeze increasing to gentle; humidity 45%. Sun: 34, Mon: 29, Tue: 30.

Sant Llorenç (19C) 32C, light east breeze increasing to gentle; humidity 55%. Sun: 35, Mon: 31, Tue: 29.

Santanyi (20C) 31C, light east breeze increasing to gentle; humidity 50%. Sun: 32, Mon: 29, Tue: 28.

Sineu (19C) 31C, light east breeze increasing to gentle; humidity 45%. Sun: 33, Mon: 29, Tue: 29.

* Light breeze to 11 km/h; gentle to 19.

Friday summary (to 7.30pm) - Highs of 28.5 Binissalem and Son Bonet (Marratxi), 28.1 Llucmajor, 27.9 Manacor, Muro, Palma Port; Lows of 12.8 Son Torrella (Escorca), 15.3 Serra Alfabia (Bunyola), 16.8 Lluc; Gusts of 74 km/h Puerto Soller, 64 Banyalbufar; Rainfall of 6.2 litres per square metre Puerto Soller, 4.6 Son Torrella, 3.1 Serra Alfabia.