Two boats crashed in to the rocks in Colonia de Sant Jordi. | Pedro de las Heras


This morning's tempest wreaked havoc as it caused two boats to collide with the rocky terrain of Colonia de Sant Jordi. The Isolated High-Level Depression (DANA) that hit Mallorca throughout the week has gradually relinquished its grip, transitioning in the early hours from Thursday to Friday into a weather trough that is ushering in substantial rainfall.

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According to local residents, the boats that were swept against the rocks were initially securely anchored in the vicinity but were set adrift due to the relentless force of the mighty waves. Thankfully, the fierce gusts of wind that had been battering the region have abated over the past few hours, and the forecast for Friday afternoon in Mallorca anticipates moderate winds.

Meteorological experts are predicting maximum temperatures in the range of 24º to 27º, with 27º being the customary high for this time of the year.