Earlier in November there was a change of weather where temperatures dropped and it was very windy. | JAUME MOREY


November 2023, with an average temperature of 15.9C and an anomaly of 1.6C, was a very warm month in the Balearics. On average, it was the 6th warmest since 1961.

The month was very warm on all the islands, with the following average temperatures and anomalies:
in Mallorca, 15.7C and 1.6C; in Minorca, 16.2C and 1.3C; in Ibiza, 16.5C and 1.8C and in Formentera, 17.5C and 1.2 C anomaly.

The maximum temperatures of the month were: in Mallorca, 27.3C in Puerto Pollença; in Ibiza,
26.7C in Sant Joan de Labritja; in Minorca, 25.1C in Ciutadella and, in Formentera, 24.2C. All of them occurred on the 14th except for Minorca, which was on the 2nd.

The lowest temperatures were recorded on the 24th in Mallorca, 1.6C in Campos can Sión; in Ibiza, 3.3C in Sant Antoni, 3.3C in Sant Pere, 3.3C in Sant Pere and 3.3C in Sant Pere. Ibiza, 3.3C in Sant Joan de Labritja and in Formentera, 6.8C. In Minorca, on the 26th with 5.3C in Ciutadella Cala Galdana.

The highest minimum temperature was recorded in Mallorca, in Puerto Soller, on the 30th and it was
19.9C. In the rest of the islands, they were as follows: 18.9C in Formentera; 18.7C in Ibiza Airport and 18.1C in Menorca, in Ciutadella Cala Galdana, all of them recorded on the 1st.

November was a very dry month in the Balearics. On average it was the 4th driest November
since 1961. It rained 14.8 l/m2, when the normal is 85.6 l/m2, i.e. it rained 83% less.

The month was very dry in Mallorca and Minorca and extremely dry in Ibiza and Formentera. In Mallorca, on average it rained 15.2 l/m2, 83% less than the normal 88.3 l/m2. In Campos Can Sión it rained 9.0 l/m2, the second driest November since 1990 when records began. It was also the second driest November in Artà Molí den Leu with 18.0 l/m2 and data since 1997. In Palma Portopí it rained 9.2 l/m2, the third driest November since 1978.

In Minorca it rained on average 26.2 l/m2, when the normal is 95.9 l/m2, 71% less. In Ibiza, it rained on average 1.6 l/m2, when the normal is 66.8 l/m2, i.e. it rained 98% less. In Sant Joan de Labritja it rained 1.2 l/m2 during the whole month. This is the driest November since records began in 1993.
In Formentera, it rained 1.0 l/m2, when the normal is 48.8 l/m2, 98% less than normal.

The maximum daily rainfall was as follows: in Minorca, 28.6 l/m2 in Ciutadella on the 21st; in Mallorca, 18.2 l/m2 in Escorca Son Torrella on the 22nd; in Ibiza, 1.6 l/m2 at the Airport on the 2nd; and, in Formentera, 1.0 l/m2 on the 7th.

There were several days with precipitation in the form of dew.

During the whole month there were 2 stormy days in Mallorca: on the 3rd, with small hail in Sóller and on the 22nd, also with small hail in Palma, Escorca and Orient.

In Mallorca there were 7 days of mist or fog, 5 in Minorca, 5 in Ibiza and 2 in Formentera.

November was a windy month in the archipelago. At Minorca Airport there were 11 days of strong wind, compared to the normal 8; at Ibiza Airport there were 10, compared to the normal 6. At Palma Airport there were 7 days of strong winds, compared to the normal 4. Formentera, there were 6 days of strong wind.

The maximum gusts of wind were recorded on the 2nd throughout the archipelago (except in Minorca)
and were the result of squall Ciarán. In Cabrera they reached 119 km/h, from the W; in Mallorca, 113 km/h, from the NNW in the Serra d'Alfàbia; in Ibiza, 85 km/h, from the W in the Airport and, in Formentera, 65 km/h from the SW. In Menorca, the maximum gust was recorded on the 22nd at
es Mercadal and was 87 km/h from the NNE.

There were 10 days with waves of more than 3 metres in Mallorca and Minorca. The maximum heights were recorded on the 22nd. At the Maó buoy there were waves of 10.9 m and 7.9 m at the Dragonera buoy.