A change of weather is on the horizon. The deputy spokesperson of the territorial delegation of the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) in the Balearic Islands, Bernat Amengual, has revealed that this coming Friday an Atlantic front will reach the island, causing a sharp drop in temperatures, especially during the day.

Specifically, it is expected that the maximum temperatures will decrease by about 7º compared to those of Thursday, when they will reach 24º. However, on February 23 - overnight - they will plummet to 17º. Minimum temperatures will also decrease, but not as much; they will drop from 14º to 10º. In both cases, these are higher values than usual for this time of year, which are 15º for maximums and 6º for minimums.

The deputy spokesperson of Aemet in the Balearic Islands has also reported that the Atlantic front could cause rain, although it is not expected to be very significant. In addition, the wind will shift to the north. This period of instability will last a short time, as Saturday will already improve and no rain is expected. Additionally, thermal values will gradually recover.

Early spring

Before the arrival of the cold front, the island will continue to experience weather more typical of spring than winter. Thus, the weather forecast for Tuesday predicts cloudy intervals tending to partly cloudy in the afternoon; there will be morning mists, with the possibility of some fog patches.

Temperatures will experience few changes or decrease slightly compared to Monday. It is worth noting that the wind will be light from the north with moderate intervals. In the northeast of the island, a yellow alert has been activated for rough seas between 12pm and 10pm, as waves of three meters are expected. The weather prediction for Wednesday, February 21, indicates predominately partly cloudy skies, tending to intervals of medium and high clouds in the afternoon.

Night temperatures will remain unchanged; while daytime temperatures could rise, ranging between 17º and 20º. Amengual has emphasized that on Thursday there will be a new thermal increase and the thermometer will reach up to 24º; this is 9º higher than normal for mid-February. It is important to note that the wind will be moderate from the southwest with intervals of strong gusts.