Some rain likely over the weekend, but only light. | Archive


Earlier in the week it was clear that an Atlantic front was heading Mallorca's way for Friday. Aemet now says that there will be another front as well, this one bringing "polar air".

While temperatures are due to drop on Friday from what could be as high as 24C on Thursday, a range of 13C to 17C will give an average of 15C, which is normal for the time of year; the polar air won't be that polar. Spokesperson María José Guerrero says that Friday will be "an unpleasant day", with the wind quite strong at times but not much rain.

Aemet predicts that there will be some snow on high ground (over 1,000 metres) on Saturday, but again doesn't expect that it will amount to a great deal. The temperature range will be 12C to 16C.

On Sunday, temperatures are forecast to rise. The probability of rain will be low, but on Monday and Tuesday there may well be more rain because of another front, a more active one.