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Legendary Russian freediver feared dead after disappearing off Formentera

One of the world's greatest freedivers, Russia's Natalia Molchanova, is feared dead after disappearing during a dive off Spain's Balearic Islands.

Adrian Croft, Reuters

The Guardia Civil carried out a series of raids and inspections in Magalluf on Wednesday night.

Magalluf Control

Bobbies to support Guardia

British officers are going to be on a two-week trial in Magalluf and Ibiza.

Humphrey Carter

Armengol in Cabrera yesterday.

Cabrera national park

Cabrera protected area set to double in size

Cabrera is set to become the largest maritime-terrestrial park in Spain.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Local inspection yesterday.

Animal rights

Serious deficiencies alleged at Palma’s bullring

Amengual claims that these problems should have led to the suspension of this evening’s bullfight.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

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A new broom sweeps clean

Something is definitely happening under the new Socialist-led left-wing administration. We are well aware of the open warfare which has broken out between Palma and Madrid over funding plus plans to reintroduce the tourist tax, which this time around is gathering support from some sectors of the tourist industry, the push for more renewable energy, the gradual ban on bullfighting and the expansion of the region’s nature reserves, but at local council level, things are moving too.

Humphrey Carter

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Letters to the editor

"The suspension of the licences for large retail sites is not all bad news for some of us."

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