The Guardia Civil carried out a series of raids and inspections in Magalluf on Wednesday night. | michels


The British and Spanish governments have reached an agreement that British police will be operating in Majorca this summer.

The Spanish Interior Ministry confirmed yesterday that, for the first time ever, two British police officers are going to be deployed to the Balearics.
They are going to be providing support and assistance to the Guardia Civil and they are going to be here on a two-week trial.
It is understood that a sergeant and a constable will work alongside officers from the Guardia Civil during the trial.

The officers, from West Midlands Police, will spend a week in Magalluf followed by seven days in San Antonio, Ibiza.
Both are hugely popular venues for young British revellers, and Magalluf hit the headlines earlier this summer when holidaymakers defied new rules aiming to crack down on drunkenness.

The trial, funded by the Foreign Office, will see the two officers patrol alongside Spanish colleagues in tourist hotspots including beaches, airport terminals and town centres.

The National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) said they will assist the Guardia Civil when British nationals are victims of crime, support any criminal investigations where Britons are victims, witnesses or offenders, and help British nationals who are victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse or other serious offences.
The officers will wear full British uniform and work eight-hour shifts between 7am and 10pm, starting on Monday.
Police from France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Morocco have already taken part in similar initiatives in Spain.