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Another of the island’s great signature dishes dishes is frito mallorquín which you’ll find in every restaurant specialising in Majorcan food. It is also available in some tapas bars.

Frito mallorquín is a succulent pan-fried mix of chopped potatoes, onions, spring onion, tomatoes, red peppers and the lights of lamb or suckling pig. It is usually flavoured with snips of fresh fennel, a plant that grows wild all over the island.

Eat it as a mid-morning snack or as a starter for lunch, with brown Majorcan bread called pan moreno and a glass (or two) of one of the island’s excellent red wines. A normal restaurant portion is ideal for sharing between four as a tapa.

At some restaurants, especially those in coastal towns and villages, you will sometimes come across a dish called frito marinero. This is a variation on frito mallorquín in which the chopped lamb and suckling pig lights are replaced with white fish and shellfish such as prawns, mussels, squid or cuttlefish. A colourful dish that pleases the eye and the palate.