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Medical workers take care of a patient infected with COVID-19


Better equipped but emotionally drained, Spain's intensive care staff confront COVID second wave

Since Spain exited a tough lockdown in June, the infection rate has soared, with daily diagnoses frequently exceeding 10,000 from late August.

Reuters15/10/2020 14:47

Getting ready to vote in Lugo


Hundreds barred from voting in Spanish regional elections due to COVID-19

Both regions had previously scheduled their elections for April but postponed them to July 12 shortly after Spain entered lockdown in early March.

Reuters11/07/2020 09:55


Changing times

“Hoteliers are going to have a nightmare task trying to adapt their businesses...”

Jason Moore30/04/2020 18:14

The price of health masks go down

The price of health masks go down

A woman wear a protective face mask during a lockdown amid the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, in Ronda.

JON NAZCA - REUTERS 14/04/2020

Conference announcing the measures


Spain wants jobless, immigrants to cover farm shortfall

It would allow farms to take on between 75,000-80,000 people locally.

Reuters07/04/2020 18:02

Tourists pass through a police checkpoint


Some Tenerife hotel guests head to airport after coronavirus tests

The tourists will have to serve the rest of their 14-day isolation period back in the UK.

Reuters02/03/2020 09:15

Coronavirus in Spain


"We're fine but bored," says guest in Tenerife hotel in coronavirus lockdown

The person who tested positive in Madrid on Wednesday had travelled recently to northern Italy.

Reuters26/02/2020 13:27

Guests at the hotel in Tenerife


Canaries hotel locked down over coronavirus as Spain reports first mainland cases

Latest update: Spain also reported its first three cases of the disease on the mainland.

Reuters26/02/2020 11:35