I have been to Izizi Nunnak many times, and almost every time I discovered a new detail that made me love the place even more! This spacious bar, right on the seafront, feels a little like a cool guy's loft apartment in London or New York. Comfortable Chesterfield sofas in earthy colours are mixed with brightly patterned hand-made armchairs and red leather barstools.

Today my attention was drawn to an entire wall covered in thick anchor chains, and I was told that this, along with some giant spotlights, came from a disused boat. There is a lot of concrete, metal and wood, combined in an effortless style that seems to have evolved naturally, over the years. I love the name too! I was told that it has to do with “an old theory about extra-terrestrials”.

I met with Paula, the barwomen who made a career out of mixing drinks and who absolutely loves what she does! The first cocktail she recommended was called Bomboclat! When I later Googled this intriguing exclamation, I found it to be “a Jamaican expression meant to convey shock or surprise!” The cocktail contains Santa Teresa dark rum, honey, passion fruit, fresh lime and a bit of Campari, served in a simple coupe glass, not to take anything away from its flavour or a beautiful colour. At first, I tasted just a touch of bitter, but overall the cocktail was fresh and fruity. I can imagine it to be a perfect summer drink. Then again, dark rum gave it a touch of warmth on a coldish December day.

The second cocktail I tried was gin sour “with a twist” - a two-colour feast for the eyes and well as the taste buds. It was not on the menu, but Paula enjoys making it. The twist comes from gin infused with blue tea, giving it a cool purple colour. The cocktail is very citric, and Paula recommends it both before and after the meal. As Paula passed over each drink with a quick flash of a gas lighter, I asked why this is done and she told me that it gets rid of the excess air bubbles. I live and learn!

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This time I was at Izizi Nunnak for drinks only, but if you fancy something to eat, I highly recommend their lamb, as well as their tartars - tuna, salmon or steak are all great.

Till next week – cheers!


Cocktails 9.90- 11.90 euros


Izizi Nunnak
C/ del Vicari Joaquim Fuster 73, Palma