Etiqueta 'Mallorca Bar Review'

Christmas 2023

Christmas Cocktail Hour: El Neo Tapas & Cocktails – Palma

The atmosphere of the bar complemented the innovative food and drink perfectly.

Mia Naprta22/12/2023 11:56

Food and drink

Cocktail Hour: Brutal, Santa Catalina

Overall, I loved the place, the vibe (Marvin Gay and alike played in the background), and the tapas!

Mia Naprta17/01/2023 19:53

Food and drink

Cocktail Hour: Morokko, Jaume lll

Bloody Mary was apparently invented a hundred years ago by a French bartender named Fernand Petiotin at the New York Bar in Paris.

Mia Naprta07/01/2023 18:13

Food and drink

Cocktail Hour: Izizi Nunnak, Portixol

As Paula passed over each drink with a quick flash of a gas lighter, I asked why this is done and she told me that it gets rid of the excess air bubbles.

Mia Naprta02/01/2023 18:53

Food and drink

Cocktail Hour: Iroko, Palmanova

Iroko “draws inspiration from the tropical forests of Japan” and “features an extensive list of cocktails made with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients”.

Mia Naprta28/12/2022 11:05